Sunday, 11 September 2011

Miranda July

Miranda July is an American artist who makes films and installations. Some of you may have seen her film ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW on SBS.
She makes very quirky work, that usually has a way of connecting with people at a very personal level.
Do visit her website - its great!

I've included this video here - as I think its an interesting way to think about interactivity - as a way of having a 'conversation' with people via an inner dialogue, that the artist has written for you: its open ended enough for you to insert your self into…

This has similarities to the way the Feldenkrais lessons are presented too - the questions are open enough, but also very personal - and they elicit powerful questions and value-laden processes, but in a very simple way.

Its also very lo-tech - which is all the rage these days - and it could be interesting to explore how you could incorporate these approaches into your wearable concepts, combing lo and hi tech etc, personal/impersonal etc.

The Hallway from The Hallway on Vimeo.


  1. Interesting! The point about making improvements to your life when you get out of the hallway is so true -life these days is so busy, that it takes a different context to slow you down and realise how much a lot of us take for granted. Now be nicer to your mother.

    Definitely like this installation!


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