Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I found traces to be an interesting way of observing habits, and I found myself walking around imagining the behaviours of humans and animals from the little signs I found. While i was in the city, i noticed traces of chewing gum along a busy walkway, although not from walking wear and tear it was interesting to ponder on how many people walk along one small area. I also noticed traces on a pole of paper and tape from posters being frequently put up and torn down.

Walking into my front yard, i noticed the ground right next to the gate post was worn and had sunk from frequent traffic. I also noticed that the grass had been destroyed in a semi circle shape next to the drive way, as it is not quite wide enough to turn a car. Walking out into a paddock (I live about 2 hrs out of Sydney) I noticed trails all through the grass, from kangaroos and wallabies making their way from the opening into the bush.

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