Monday, 12 September 2011

S i m p l e   I d e a   Multitude of Possibilities.

This simple design, that I came up with in class has been lingering in my head 

Alex came up with the design direction of styles of walking, in class the other week. She questioned people having their hands in their pockets. This hit a little bell in my head and reminded me that I have frequently been imitated by others, for having my hands constantly in my pockets -it's not just when I stand though, I find I tend to walk with them in my pockets too (unless I'm in a big hurry); somehow it’s more comfortable than having them swing by my side. And when I’m shy I adopt this habit of hiding them, to make them feel like they are doing something.
With this in mind, I designed an accessory piece -it draws on this concept of having hands in pockets, and solves the problem of restriction of movement, in which it causes when someone is walking, or running. It is more like an accessory joined to a garment, so typically it would be buttoned (or press stud) onto the sleeve hem of a garment -and when the wearer would feel the need to make their hands busy they would unbutton the accessory and hold onto it, instead of hiding their hands in their pockets. 

Do any of you find you have the hands-in-pocket habit? Would you think an accessory like this could be useful?

I'm more interested in kinetics and/or well-being for my area of design research, but somehow these wearable items also seem like they could have a market in the walking field.

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  1. makes me also think of pockets with enourmous, cavernous pockets - and objects sewn into them - that people can interact with…


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