Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Explicit & Implicit Signs

For the class activity of finding implicit and explicit signs along walking areas, a small group of us chose to look at the walkways within the Ultimo TAFE Institute. One of the first examples of an area where both implicit and explicit signs could be seen is shown above. The sign signalling students to keep noise to a minimum is explicit, however the way the sign has been defaced (possibly through burning of some kind?) and partly covered with a sticker, implicitly suggests some students/walkers may not have respect for authority or take the institution's rules or requests seriously. The fact that the defaced sign itself has not been replaced by the insitution perhaps also alludes to the maintenance practices of the institution, thus implying that impeccable presentation may not be a priority that is very high on the agenda.
The second area that was observed within the TAFE was just further up ahead. It featured the "No smoking" sign as an explicit form of communication, however the numerous cigarette butts littering the ground next to it was a clear implicit sign that people are continuing to ignore the rules, whether it be intentional or not.

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