Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Modular shoes - "MyShell256" by Sharon Golan

More from DEZEEN - I cant resist! This time found in the DEZEEN *FASHION* section :)

"For those who can’t ever have too many shoes, these 16 modular components combine to make 256 different pairs".


  1. I like the thinking behind this project! The pieces themselves kind of look like a science project to do with the human body in plastic haha, but I love it, it's so great! Imagine taking one pair of shoes that could turn into 256 different pairs, traveling -that would be all the luggage weight restriction problems solved!

  2. With a bit of fine tuning that could have real potential. Incredibly convenient, also like the aspect that each different pair of shoes that could be created would create a different experience for the wearer.... 256 different experiences would be pretty amazing


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