Saturday, 10 September 2011


EXPLICIT: Big pile of birds poop
IMPLICIT: Birds spend time on this ledge or visit the ledge to poop

Everybody meet my puppy Wolfgang a.k.a Wolfie.
I was chilling out with him the other day and noticed he'd created himself a pathway around and through my backyard, clever little dog. Because he made these defined pathways I now follow his path.

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  1. Denisse, there is nothing little about Wolfgang!!! But i do share your interest in these observations, as the wallabies outside my house have done exactly the same thing. I find it much more interesting and beautiful to notice the traces of animals, as opposed to humans. When I was observing traces in the city, it was chewing gum patches on the walkways, clusters of cigarette butts and grass that had been walked over so many times it had turned to dirt. This makes me think a lot about our environmental foot print and the effect human habits have on our environment.


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