Thursday, 29 September 2011


From the very first workshop I have been more interested in 'running' than 'walking' in the city. As a runner myself, I have found it interesting to delve into the mind of other runners, to find out their motivation for running. My idea is based around MOTIVATION. Why do people run? What motivates them? Would other runners motivation inspire them?? Perhaps they are training for a marathon or they are set to loose 5kgs. I run to strengthen my bones and I am training for a marathon in December. My research reveals that runners would benefit from socialising with those exercising around them

Research shows that the most common motivation for runners to run with a partner is: to socialise, to run faster, to have more fun and to be encouraged to show up. So it's safe to say that for runners who do not have a running partner they may feel as if they are lacking a social element, as well as a fun and motivation factor.

Below is a link to a website about a jogging device that makes a solo run like a accompanied run:

Through my research I have also personalised the running experience to allow for a social interaction...

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  1. Another advantage of running I thought of would be safety in companionship. Many of my friends would prefer to run at night or just don't have time in the morning but are fearful of running by themselves along dark streets. Runners move fast and don't have reflective safety lights like cyclist so traffic is a danger. Also, though it is extremely rare, some joggers, usually females, fear being attacked while out at night. Running with someone else however, preferably someone arms like tree trunks, would definitely ease this concern.
    Very interesting ideas you have. Perhaps we could go for a run some time and discuss further. ;)


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