Saturday, 24 September 2011

Week 4: Perception Googles

The device I designed was acting as a way to hinder our experience of walking, but also create a new experience in which we walking.

These "perception googles" create a completely new vision of what we see when we walk. Only allowing our line of sight to be the peripheral vision and filtered through an incredibly small area at any given time.

My experience from wearing these was completely altered to that of my regular vision, as I could only really focus out through one side and I had to completely scan the entire area as I had no indication of what was in front of me. I would be intrigued to actually take these out for an extended walk within the city to see what the experience would be like, as I think that we take for granted the use of sight. I think we these on it would require a more heavier use of other sensory elements like sound, to be able to safely manoeuvre around.

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