Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tranquility; the need to be safe

Extensive Tranquility headpiece (complete with adjustable straps) by Jamie Jackson

The funnel ear pieces mute the sounds coming in, not canceling the sounds out completely but rather absorbing the sound and translating it to the ear as a soft hum.

It is quite a flamboyant piece of equipment unlike the out of sight plug style ear phones but that can be seen as another way in achieving tranquility as it may deter people from approaching you.

After this exercise I went on to read an article by Andreas Heye, a phD student in the School of Psycology at the Keel University concerning the technological innovation of MP3 format and small portable music players and how as a society we have grown increasingly depedant on music, in our everyday lives in order to create an “auditory bubble” and avoid interactions with others

Heye also observed that through the use of music listeners were able to ‘actively control their environment and their feelings’. (Heye, A. Mobile Listening, The Royal Philharmonic Society. Media span online. 2011. Viewed 12/ 08/ 2011

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