Monday, 5 September 2011

Week 1, Introductory Exercise.

 I have finally gathered my pictures from week ones class where we a special guest who ran us through the Feldenkrais exercise.
We originally had to draw out our own interpretation of a skeleton without any reference which got us thinking about how little or what aspects of our body structure we know least about. 
below is my version of a skeleton which is obviously missing many vital components.

Next we all then particiated in the Feldenkrais excercise which consisted of various positions of the body which aimed to create focus on different parts of the body and make you more aware of the pressure points and areas of the body we sometimes neglect and deem less vital thanothers. After we were instructed to draw a life size version of our skeleton but this time focusing on how we felt throught the duration of the excercise. Below is my reult

The results varied greatly and many of them created different patterns and shapes. when walking around the room you were able to gather different messages from each drawing about the feeling and experience that person had just undertaken.

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