Sunday, 21 August 2011

O b s e r v i n g   t h e   W a l k

What: Observational exercise -people walking
When: Tuesday 16.08.11 3pm - 4pm
Where: Outside central station, opposite from railway square and the beginning of Pitt Street

The three main points I wanted to observe were:

1. what items are people carrying with them/on them while walking (this includes pockets of clothing, if they had any indication of being full)

2. what pace are people walking at -are they taking big steps, medium, small (keeping it in comparison to their body). Are people wanting to walk faster than they physically can?

3. what kind of footwear are people wearing

Common findings include:

The more people were carrying, the more effort they seemed to be putting into their steps and walking at a fast pace. The type of shoes people walking at a fast pace were wearing were typically 'office style smart shoes', ballet flats or even (one woman) a pair of at least 10cm high heel boots! A common item that men were carrying was a newspaper rolled up in their back pocket or in hand -commonly the MX which is handed out near city train stations for free.

My favourite pic. of the day - business man was running and then slowed down to a fast-paced walk, briefcase and coffee in hand and smart office shoes (that don't look that comfortable to run in) to match!

My spot - I was sitting on that grass strip observing

The city could definitely be a specific context, where people may not necessarily be walking for any other reason than to get from A to B, hence the full bags in tote, unlikely type of 'walking shoes' etc. Observing in a park or a beach, or a beach suburb could definitely give much different results. Will have to give that a go.

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