Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I n d e p e d e n c e  -the need for individuality 

( ...and  M a g i c )

The importance of this design lies predominantly in its concept, rather than this specific physical form as seen in the pics. The concept explores the idea of independence, the need for individuality; hence the idea that someone is out walking from one place to another to get errands done -shopping for a birthday present, stocking up on uni supplies, having a walk around before meeting a friend after they finish work etc. So it is the need of having things that could create comfort in certain unpredictable instances -seeing a beautiful park, and having time to kill, so wanting to sit down on the dew struck grass, but not wanting to dirty your clothes (use the lining as a little blanket to sit on); also seeing the sun is out for the day but then in the city a piercingly cold wind goes wild and you didn't take a jacket with you (use the lining as a shawl)

This bag that has been designed with practical use in mind -not only can it be used to carry items, but its lining is removable, so it can be used as a blanket to sit on in a park, worn as a shawl if the weather changes etc. Its design aesthetics also plays an important role, because if it could be sold as an accessory piece, an item created to add extra character of some sort to the wearer, rather than a bag, it would be seen as such a versatile fashion, which is where its magic is proven.

The magic is that the wearer doesn't plan to use any of the accessory's functions at the beginning of the day, but turns out to have come in handy at the end of this independent's day.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, it unties and length can be changed according to personal comfort
Fabric as blanket, shawl, picnic mat etc.

...And a nice embarrassing little video.

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  1. Great post Sarah, excellent documentation and video too.


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