Friday, 19 August 2011

Personal empowerment

I like the idea of looking at the accessories of the walker. How can a single item that they carry or wear change the way in which they move around an urban space? How can even song they are listening to dictate their stride, their pace? More importantly, should we be looking at things known as intelligent wearables as merely gadgets, or are they signs of something greater? Do they represent signs for functional autonomy in a fully-fledged urban walker? Does this mean the urban walker feels personally empowered accompanied by these wearables? How would they feel in the absence of them?

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  1. i was thinking today about how a really small thing can really make a change. For example, when you have a small rock in your shoe it totally changes your ability to get on with your stuff. you have to stop and get it out. i like you song example though, listening to music while walking totally changes your experience and sensations of movement.


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