Monday, 15 August 2011

Alex's Invention

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  1. Summing up in writing what my magical invention was all about, I chose to the cue card 'POWER', which on the other side read "the need for influence of will". I thought this was an appropriate one for myself as I can find it difficult at times to find the will power to stop myself doing something like reaching for that extra piece of chocolate or find the motivation to get off the lounge go for a run or get stuck into my uni work.

    The idea for my invention was inspired an article I read in the newspaper or in a magazine (cannot remember exactly where), which said that a good way to get your will power to kick in to motivate to do or not do something is to squeeze your fists together. This is supposed to send impulses to your brain triggering your will power.

    My invention is thus a pair of hanging hand tools that hang from the wrists and when squeezed send these extra strong magical impulses to my brain for my influence of will. I will be more powerful and make better decisions for myself and those around me!

    I was also influenced by the weeks reading on Somaesthetics as this was all about body consciousness and the importance as the body not only as a tool but as an experience connected with the mind. I think my invention reflects this firstly in the way the hand tools hang from the wrists, which was designed to make me aware and conscious of this part of my body and what is can do. also in the way that this tool connects the body to the mind and the feeling and experience is all as one. "Because action is only achieved through the body, our power of volition - the ability to act as we will to act - depends on somatic efficacy. knowing and desiring the right action will not avail if we cannot will our bodies to perform it" (Shusterman, R p. 20)


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