Saturday, 27 August 2011

Walking Observations

My first observation was carried out on the corner of Harris St and Ultimo Rd. I sat stationary on the corner and observed people as they walked past me. I decided to concentrate on what people were doing while they were walking. Some things that I observed included people talking on phones, texting, listening to music, people carrying bags, books, folders, eating or carrying a coffee etc. Following on from this I observed what people did with their hands, if they were not holding onto anything, while walking. Some people walked with their arms swinging by their sides, arms crossed, arms held behind their backs, hands in pockets, holding hands with another person etc. I found it particularly common for males to have their hands in their pockets while walking, though this seems like an uncomfortable and restrictive way of walking.

On the weekend I went on another walk this time along George St from Central Station to the QVB and took some photographs of people walking in the city to again observe where people like to have their hands while they are walking.

As a reaction to what I had observed in my two observations about peoples styles of walking, in the class task the wearable piece that I developed was designed so that people could have their hands comfortably held in their desired position. The piece had has straps that go over the shoulders and across the chest, then has loops that hang off in a number of positions so you can rest your hands in any position that you feel comfortable while walking. It could work better if there was one set of loops at the back and one set at the front with adjustable straps instead of having many sets of hanging loops. 

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