Monday, 29 August 2011

Feldenkrais Experiment;
This was an interesting class in which we all lay on the floor and became very aware of how our body was 'feeling', rather than how we were feeling in our mind. The experiment reminded me of yoga class in which there is a relaxation session at the end, where the instructor tells us to trust the floor to let it hold you. During this class I became so much more aware of my body and how it feels while lying on the floor, e.g. where I could feel the ground holding me.
By rotating our hips and pelvic muscles, we could loosen up our bodies and feel more relaxed and comfortable.

The illustration above is of my interpretation of this experience. I focused on the pain and sensations I was feeling, from lying flat for a long period of time. I especially focused on the shoulder blade, buttock and back of head. The red colour represents the intensity of the feeling, whereas the blue areas represent areas that I was more aware of than normal e.g. my spine.

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