Monday, 15 August 2011

The Feldenkrais Method

Illustrating body awareness during The Feldenkrais Lesson taught me an alternate way to represent the body, rather than words. For example: it was interesting to map out areas of awareness as a drawing, which allowed most people to focus on areas of discomfort and pain. I had most discomfort around my head, jaw, and hips - represented by harsh red scribbled areas.

However during the exercises I became more aware of other body parts, such as behind my knees and shoulders. Areas I could still feel a sensation, however were not associated with pain.


Body Consciousness 'A philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics' - Richard Shusterman

Favourite Quote "I also perceive my body as something I have and use rather than am' pg: 3
- relating to our bodies as tools and instruments that allow experience (separate entity in a way). Further relating to Plato's philosophy "seperating the soul as much as possible from the body... until it is completely independent" pg 16

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