Sunday, 21 August 2011

Design for an active city competition

In Melbourne's Design that Moves festival a competition was held to promote pedestrian travel.. called Design for an active city the competition will see 9 shortlisted entries implemented in October. They are aimed at promoting a major thoroughfare in Melbourne city. The concept to turn a bridge into a musical instrument sounds pretty interesting. You will notice how most of the concepts involved architectural/urban spatial type interventions... shortlisted projects get $25, 000 dollars to play with so i suppose it best to spend it on something that costs. It will be interesting to see how our concepts ( to come)  might compare with the ones shortlisted. How similar or different might ours be?

The design brief is here

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    Just 30 minutes of exercise each day can help prevent serious chronic diseases such as obesity, however over the past 50 years, there has been a huge lifestyle shift in Australia from being a highly physically active population to one that is predominately sedentary. For communities, design can play a major role in stimulating increased physical activity, either through interventions in the built environment of through the design of new systems or social programs.

    I find this challenge quite inspiring, as I am also interested in design that influences and encourages individuals to become physically engaged within the urban environment. Through my own research i have come to a conclusion that much of the city landscape lends itself to being disengaged with it's inhabitants. Particularly a tunnel, which dictates the direction, the length and the incline/ decline of a commuters walk, but offers no connection or interaction.


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