Sunday, 7 August 2011

welcome to 14 weeks of walking - owl project

Hi All,

Welcome to 14 weeks of walking.

Hope all enjoyed your workshop activities last week ... to get you thinking with your body.

Here is some really interesting research that uses wearables and bodies as  exploratory  tools,  to try and find out the possibilities of technology through imaginative projection.

It is called the OWL project and has been developed  by Danielle Wilde & Kristina Andersen. They came to UTS last year and ran some workshops. There some interesting papers available.

It is a good way to start thinking about what kind of scope there is to think about the things 

we wear on our bodies. It is relatively straightforward to think about clothing/fashion but 

what about other more speculative artefacts or wearable objects. The Owl Project opens up 

this space.



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