Saturday, 13 August 2011

Feldenkrais Experience

Week one we underwent an exercise where we used Feldenkrais to increase self awareness about our bodies. It was an interesting experience...becoming totally in tune with what is going on inside you. Quite relaxing as well! A cross between yoga and meditation. You start to notice every little thing that is happening.....every breath, every though, every twitch, every burn. You will be able to see my interpretations of what i 'felt' throughout the experience in the image above. Comparing this life size diagram to a sketch of a skeleton is very different - it explicitly illustrates feeling as oppose to an assumed representation of the body. My mind was relaxed, and dreamy, indicated by the dream clouds i have drawn in replacement for a skull. Areas in purple indicate where i felt comfortable and content. Green areas indicate where i felt uncomfortable, shaky, hollow and/or cold. The orange areas indicate parts where i felt warm. My aim was to really describe sensations that I was feeling. I tried to do this by using smooth or shaky lines and dense scribbles to indicate areas of pressure.
The exercise was useful to start to question self awareness in the ordinary activities of movement and walking. Something definitely to consider when thinking about designing for sensory experience. 

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  1. Hi Steph

    Beautiful reflection on your experience in that lesson, and how drawing you made describes this experience. Just a little note: its Feldenkrais not Feldenchrist!


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