Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fashioning Technology

This website has a lot of interesting electronic and technical creations that relate to clothing and the body.

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  1. There is a post on this website that discusses Techno-Naturology: Dynamic and Responsive Architectural Skins. I found that a really interesting point was made...

    FT: Your explorations fuse wood with smart memory alloys to create kinetic architectural skins. What role do you envision kinetic skins playing in the field of architecture in the near future?

    Amongst the newly designed architecture, fabric, wind, sun and light is considered and widely involved within architectural design. As a personal thought, if a building cannot be integrated within its surroundings it would only be an object that is misplaced.

    Food for thought, as from a non architectural perspective, i find many of the buildings within the city robust and structure simply for their purpose, ie. levels of office cubicles. I hadn't considered the underlying architectural design or the use of kinetic energy.


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