Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Redefining City Sound Project

Research Design Process

Grouping brainstorming topics together

Grouping brainstorming topics under 4 Headings
1. Distorting and Manipulating Sound
2. Emotional Engagement
3. Felt Experience
4. Physical Engagement

Heading's where included under Why, How, What and Who - in relation to Why, How, What And Who these redefined sounds would impact. The diagram shows how all elements link together and are essential to one another, Elements can therefore be analysed and researched in depth.

From this we started to develop design concepts and ideas to build upon:

- interactive garment/wearable with sensors
- hand and feet - primary body parts that physically interact with the city daily
- playful
- collectable (add on features?)
- have to consider sizing on individuals
- do we want the wearable to be visible? - has to be aesthetically appealing / or blend in with existing technology?
- using speakers to product sound
- temporary city sounds produced

Gemma, Steph, Danielle

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