Monday, 14 November 2011

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Whenever I stand before an audience I always wonder What did all these people do today, before they came to the theater? I imagine several hundred lives, filled with their intricicies and challenges and it seems like a minor miracle that they all managed to get here, on time, and are sitting so neatly like teeth. Most of you I will not see tonight at the Arclight — but I will see a couple of you. Right now you are looking at this website, but what else will you do today before I see you? Please send me your to do list for today — noting if you will be at the 5:20 or 7:30 screening. (Because I may have some questions for you during the Q+A.)  
Miranda July  (

I feel this relates to our wearables, how people experience our designs, but also about how these people have very different lives and routines to play out, which also means that all of our designs would be experienced differently and uniquely by each person. Also observing people at our exhibition opening made me ask some questions like this -it's fun thinking that all of these different people who experienced different things during their day came together to explore our designs. 

P.s. Was really amazed looking at everyone's final designs during the presentations! 

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